Writings by Dr. Paul Eli Ivey, Carter Ratcliff, Barbara Rogers, and Marilyn A. Zeitlin


Barbara Rogers: The Imperative of Beauty, the first book to document Tucson artist and eductor Barbara Rogers’ life and work in detail,  is designed and produced by Marquand Books, an award winning publishing house specializing in the design and production of fine art books; and distributed by Hudson Hills Press, the premier source for books on 20th century art.  The 224-page book, which includes 150 color plates and 25 black & white images, is NOW AVAILABLE.  

Thirty-percent of the profit from the sale of the book will be donated to the Barbara Rogers Graduate Fellowship in Painting at the University of Arizona School of Art to provide support and encouragement to the artists of the future.   




The Imperative of Beauty
By Lucille Lang Day on February 16, 2013
  Barbara Rogers: The Imperative of Beauty tells of the amazing life journey and professional story of artist Barbara Rogers, a name all art lovers should know. The book includes essays by art critics, interviews with Rogers, a biographical timeline, and ample selections of Rogers’ exquisite paintings.
  There are two important points that I want to make about this: (1) Beauty was not “in” during the period when Rogers was developing and elaborating her mature style, and she had to singlemindedly work against what she was being told artists should do. The result is that her work is completely original and cannot be mistaken for anyone else’s. (2) While Rogers’ work is indisputably beautiful, it is not merely decorative, but deeply philosophical. The underlying message is that something truly beautiful and worthy can emerge even when the world as we know it is destroyed.
  Barbara Rogers: The Imperative of Beauty is an extraordinary book that does justice to an extraordinary artist, and I hope it will reach the wide audience it deserves.

What a Gem!
By Christine Mcdonough on April 3, 2014
  This is a remarkable book by a brilliant artist. Barbara Rogers has been painting for over 50 years and this book is a retrospective and tribute to her amazing body of work.
You can follow the progression of her work and read how her style abruptly changed after a hurricane in Hawaii. Additionally she has has created an index of her personal life and art that I found fascinating.
  Today her images reflect a slice of nature in a contemporary manner. This is much much more than a coffee table book.


Barbara Rogers: The Imperative of Beauty

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