• Barbara Rogers

My Thoughts on Color in the Desert

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

One of my favorite parts of being an artist and living in Tucson, AZ is having a garden easily accessible from my studio. The desert itself and these glorious botanical resources like Tohono Chul, The Desert Museum, and The Tucson Botanical Gardens are remarkable resources that are available to all of us working artists who choose to live in Tucson. Just looking out my studio window is enough to get me excited about color in the desert. The colors around me now are so much more subtle in their variations than the emerald greens and bright chartreuses that inspired the work when I painted in San Francisco. There are probably 30 variations on the color green that I see everyday and then throw in dead foliage and you get at least 15 shades of ochre and brown. All of these greens and browns form the stage for the show stopper fuchsia Bougainvillea.  The supporting cast of oranges and lemons on their trees create my garden as my theatre in the desert.  It is almost too much beauty for me to handle and when the hummingbirds visit, I know this is a kind of heaven.

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